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Change can be a positive thing

I started this new adventure with The Southwest Times in August, 2017, with the hopes of making some positive changes to our newspaper. I’m very pleased that most of the feedback I’ve received has supported that idea, and most people have seen a change they like.


We’re not done, however, and there is still more to be done to get The Southwest Times where we want it to go.


The main goal has been to include more local news and events each day. That can be tough at times when you print five days per week. Sometimes there just isn’t that much happening, and that’s not always a bad thing. At other times we just don’t have enough pages to get all of the news in print that day. It can be a struggle balancing what needs to run and what can wait a day. It’s something every newspaper deals with. We’ve done it for over 111 years now, so it’s nothing new.


As a local newspaper, we want us to focus on the people in and around Pulaski County. I know it’s a great big world out there with a thousand things happening at once, but our main focus needs to be right here. It’s going to be.


Politics are depressing. I despise getting into political discussions. With a very few exceptions, I try to stay away from politicians. There are a few out there that have chewed some of the same dirt as me in the military, and those seem to be some of the more grounded ones. Others, at times, seem to be constantly diving off into the deep end of the crazy pool. Just to be clear, they are on both sides of the political spectrum.


I don’t like covering politics or politicians for the most part. Most of them are simply too far to one side or the other. It seems, unfortunately, that the art of having an actual conversation with someone and being able to work a problem out is a thing of the past. One side of the isle won’t vote for anything the other side proposes, even if it’s something that they’ve been recorded in the past supporting. Apparently the rule is, “If we didn’t come up with the idea, it’s a bad one.”


When there is an election, we will cover it. Before the big elections in 2016 I was proud of the fact that we offered each candidate the same space in our newspaper and during our public forum to present themselves to the citizens of Pulaski County, even though there was one I didn’t agree with on many subjects. We did not and should not ever endorse a particular candidate.


It was not our job to tell people what to think. Sometimes the mainstream media forgets that. Our job is to gather information, present the stories and let the readers make up their own minds.


We’re going to continue doing that, and as we continue to grow our readers will see less and less national news and politics. There’s a brand-new thing out there called the internet that you can use to get your fill of that, if you desire.


We want local people to help us tell the story of Pulaski County.


That can be in the form of stories about local events or pictures of things you come across. You can send in your favorite recipe or a photo from something that happened 30 years ago. Tell us when you get engaged, married or have a new member of the family. Send us those cute photos of your children when they do the things that all kids do. Let us know when a family member makes the decision to defend our country. If something is on your mind, send us a letter to the editor.


All of the things I mentioned above can get overlooked when people focus on the national scene, and that’s a shame. Pulaski County has a great story to tell, and we intend to continue telling it.


Send your story ideas, stories, photos or any other item you think would be of interest to our readers to editor@southwesttimes.com.



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