Thanks to school maintenance crew

Dear Editor,

Now that our county students, staff, teachers, and administrators are settling into the school year, I’d like to offer my thanks to the maintenance, grounds, and custodial teams of Pulaski County Public Schools who work so hard under oftentimes less than favorable conditions to prepare our schools for the start of the year.

I think with recent discussions surrounding the condition of facilities and the cessation of the operational side of the joint services agreement between the county and the schools, the contribution of these teams and Mr. Ronnie Nichols, the school system’s operations director for a number of years, has been lost in the shuffle. Mr. Nichols, in particular, was faced with a nearly impossible task of dividing his time equally to the oversight of both county and school operations.  He and his crews often worked evenings and weekends.

As a parent, I am very grateful for his efforts, and for those of the rest of his team. Considering how old our two county middle schools are, I believe those efforts are responsible for the county getting its money’s worth out of those buildings. Again, thank you to Mr. Nichols and to the maintenance, grounds, and custodial staff for all of their hard work, in the past and in the years to come.

Dr. Paige Cash

School Board member

Robinson District



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