Worrell plans to carry on where Davis left off



Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Worrell has a couple of new programs he would like to implement, but other than that, he says he intends to “maintain what we’re doing.”

“It’s not going to be a big wholesale change. I think I’m very similar to [former Sheriff Jim Davis] in terms of personality,” he says. “I think the professionalism and integrity within this department will stay. It’s a great department he’s built, and I just want to continue building onto it.”

Like his predecessor, Worrell got his start in law enforcement as a communications officer. The Pulaski County native joined the department in 1997, working his way through the patrol and investigations divisions, holding the ranks of supervisor, corporal, sergeant, captain and major before being tapped to serve as sheriff pending a special election slated for Nov. 7.

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