Republicans, Griffith are not for SW Va.

To the editor:

Recent political developments have led me to conclude the Republican Party is NOT for the common man and woman. The party has run off a logical political path and into a ditch of confusion, full of partisan, “Freedom Caucus” nonsense. Why else would a healthcare bill be proposed that could deprive 22 million people of affordable health insurance?

As for actual representatives of the region, what has Ninth District Congressman Morgan Griffith done for you lately? He hasn’t brought jobs to southwest Virginia; he voted to loosen EPA standards so we can all have dirtier air and water. Isn’t that nice? And he wants to support this American Healthcare Act. It will provide the rich with millions in tax cuts and keep millions from getting the healthcare they’ve worked for and need. Pres. Trump said he wanted to make America great again. His party aims to make us all sicker, which isn’t too great to me.

Call Morgan Griffith (Abingdon office number: 276-525-1405) and let him know we need a decent healthcare bill that will help us all. He needs to also reverse EPA’s loosening of environmental standards. Thank you.

Denise J. Mathews





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