Worth the price

Having been in Pulaski for almost three years, I’ve heard a lot about the need for a new middle school. And after having been in our middle schools on a weekly basis delivering our Newspapers in Education copies for the students, I have to admit, we need a new combined middle school.

After having talked to many in the community the past two weeks, read the many comments on the question we posed on our facebook page, read the last four stories in The Southwest Times about the joint meeting of the board of supervisors and the school board and read the features Brooke Wood has written from the point of view of a school board member and staff and two supervisors, I am very excited that there is this much passion in the county. But most of all, I can see the points made by all.

My question is, why aren’t middle school students as important as elementary and high school students in Pulaski County?

These kids are our future! They get a great foundation as our elementary schools are something of which to be proud, and our high school, albeit 40 years old, is still in good shape, but geez, these 10-year-olds are at an important stage in education, as many of middle school age start forming lifetime opinions about themselves and their worth.

Even though we have wonderful teachers, attending schools in the condition of our current middle schools can really affect a student’s outlook on the possibilities of their adult life. It’s as if we’re telling the middle school students an investment in their education isn’t as important as their younger elementary school counterparts or those older in high school (if they have recovered from their past of attending those same antiquated middle schools.)

Asbestos, broken windows, steel beams holding up substandard walls, no air conditioning, few lab capabilities, not even enough plug-ins for standard classroom work – I’m sure you’ll agree, now is the time to act.

Yes, a new middle school will be expensive and taxes will go up, but let’s show surrounding county school systems Pulaski County is not dying, but is revitalized and posed for a growing future.

Now is the time to attend the board of supervisors meeting Monday at 7 p.m. at the County Administration Building. And during public comment, let the board of supervisors know you are urging them to vote to put this on a November ballot.

Let’s send a message to Pulaski County’s future and show them they are THE MOST IMPORTANT STUDENTS in this county. We care about them and their education.

See you at the board of supervisors meeting Monday night.



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