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Tell America its great

We could all use a little bit of happiness, yes? We need a little bit of something that makes us feel less like we’ve been trapped in the zoo on the night they let the predators loose? Well, here you go. Our neighbors to the north, those wonderful people who have given the world poultine (French fries with gravy and cheese curds) AND Justin Trudeau (coolest politician ever) have started a campaign that is the national equivalent of a hug and a mug of hot chocolate.

Yes, Canada has started a Twitter campaign to cheer us up.

For those of you to whom social media is a closed — ahem — website, I should explain that Twitter is a social media site that is basically a scrolling list of quips. Anything you can say in 140 characters or less can be said here, and many public figures tweet, so you can follow your faves.

The campaign to make America feel better has generated thousands of tweets, and it just makes you feel wonderful to read it. Really. You can scroll through this and feel like a new person. And, in case you don’t have a Twitter account, here are some of the best from our research.

From Fiona Malone: “HEY USA! You guys are gonna be OK! You can crash with us for a while if things get too scary. We got you!”

From Ms. Jets: “Hey America — don’t let ANYONE tell you you aren’t great already, alright? Because Prince, Mavis Staples & Dr. John.” (We admit this one gave us a moment’s pause. Dr. John? Really?)

From Leigh Polhill: “Anybody I’ve ever met or spoken to in the US has been amazing and friendly. Y’all keep your heads up, we got you.” (Y’all? What part of Canada is she FROM?)

From Scott Chapman: “You guys invented the swivel chair, helping kids all over the world get dizzy and throw up on the carpet.”

From Jamie Anderson: “Sweet potato pie, country music, kind people and Motown. Just a few reasons I love America.”

From Sonia Mazzone: “Thank you for classic American films I can’t wait to watch with my kids.”

From Roy Daniels: “Wow! America, you are great. People are friendly and welcoming. Politicians, not so much.” (Gotta give him points for truth.)

From Lindsay Ferguson: “Baseball and The Catcher in the Rye are 2 of my fav things. Plus your first lady’s pretty bad@@@.” (Also.)

From Julianna Vedldtman: “You help us dream beyond the moon and into the stars. You are kind, loving, giving, empowering, strong.” (Awwww!)

From Eileen Conway: “You’re warm and kind to total strangers, which is unnerving at first, but I could definitely get used to it!”

And lastly, from iDea_Craig: “Like having a neighbor with a loud dog, but always watches your place when you’re out of town & sometimes shovels your walk.”

As American Juli Gittinger tweeted, “Canada is that friend who comes over to comfort you with a gallon of ice cream and a good DVD. Thank you, Canada.”

It’s kind of hard to read these without tearing up a bit, because at this writing there are THOUSANDS of tweets from Canada telling the U.S. what is good about our country. It’s just amazing, as are people in the U.S. responding with thanks and love. Once in a while someone posts something ugly, but it’s pretty rare and stands out starkly in the sweetness. Even if you have never looked at Twitter in your life, go to #tellamericanitsgreat *(yes, there is an “n” in there for some reason) and read through the posts. It will absolutely make you smile and perhaps even hope a little. Nothin’ wrong with that, eh?



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