Let optimism and hope win

To the Editor,

I blame my husband Keith. He made me a no-matter-what-we-cheer-for-the-Cubs-fan.

Keith grew-up listening to the Chicago Cubs games on WGN radio with his grandfather in Fort Wayne, Ind. Yes, listening – back then there wasn’t cable television yet, so you couldn’t watch many Cubs games.

Keith and I have been to many Cubs games at Wrigley Field. They won some, lost more. Keith even walked on Wrigley Field during a behind-the-scenes tour. I am a Cubs fan by marriage. However, I’ve grown to be a loyal Cubs fan by choice.

Being a Cubs fan is like being a Pulaski resident, you know there’s work to do, yet you believe things are getting better. You see the good. You see the potential. Historically, the Cubs have been America’s underdog. After 71 years, the Cubs are finally heading back to the World Series for the first time since 1945. The Cubs are rising. Pulaski is rising.

Never give up. Let optimism and hope win. Go Cubbies! Go Pulaski!


Debbie Bauer




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