Eyvonne Spencer was an inspiration to the community

Heaven is a brighter place now.

A light that shone for years for so many in Pulaski, Eyvonne Spencer has now joined the celestial light and has gone to our Maker for her reward.

Lynn and I are so glad we had the opportunity to meet Eyvonne last year. The dinner we shared with her the night of the chamber awards banquet was so enlightening. I was already in awe of her from reading the stories we’d run earlier in the year, along with the biographical information furnished me, confirmed the right person had been selected for the annual Civic Honors Award. But it was the stories she shared with us during the meal and during the drive home that told me this woman was not only a mover and shaker, but on her own terms. She was one of the most loving women I’ve ever known.

So I’m sure you’ve read the obituary in today’s edition, and the story we ran in Friday’s paper about Eyvonne and her tremendous works. So many in this community have a better life because of Eyvonne’s faith, spirit and love.

I could repeat the quotes of those who paid tribute to her in Friday’s article, but I think Eyvonne would rather I take this space to challenge our readers and her fellow Pulaskians to take up her staff to continue her work. Her memory would be best served by those who dedicate themselves to not only being a better person and Christian, but a better citizen of Pulaski, caring more about its people and doing what we can to help turn around attitudes of our citizens.

Lately, the Pulaski area has had to deal with layoffs, and yet we continue to receive good news about new things coming to Pulaski and good things that both the town and the county are doing. The Southwest Times runs these stories and we get excited about the possibilities. But then there’s a faction who only want to degrade improvement and second guess progress, and they share their negativity by posting on our Facebook page.

In this group there are those who complain about Town Council and say nothing will change unless we have a new council. But, yet, if they really felt that way and thought they could make a difference, why didn’t they file for a council position? Why are councilmen running unopposed?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the council and town at all, but if we all had paid attention in government class, we would know what needs to be done if you want to effect change. We still live in a democracy – practice it.

On a personal level, become active in your community. Volunteer for a non-profit organization. Join a civic club. Start attending church. There’s such reward when you do these things that you will be too tired to complain.

Eyvonne was a woman who knew her own heart and knew what could be accomplished with faith and hard work. We should be inspired by her good works and spirit. Why can’t we roll up our sleeves and work together to put more positive into Pulaski?

Thank you, Eyvonne, for your influence on your children and this community. Rest well knowing how many you’ve touched. Pulaski, let’s see if we can let our light shine and not put it under a bushel basket. Be inspired by the light Eyvonne shared while here.



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