Looking back on a great season and what might have been

Well, those lazy, crazy days of summer are gone, and with them are Pulaski’s favorite boys of summer, the Pulaski Yankees.

What a summer it has been, and the best memories of the season for Lynn and me have been attending as many Yankees home games as possible. Those Yankees and their many wins were the basis for so many enjoyable evenings with about 2,000 of our closest friends.

Not only was it nice to see our neighbors at the games, but to develop new friends, especially the staff members and support personnel for the Yankees. It’s kind of neat that the Calfee Girls knew us by name and, of course, they were all extensions of their excellent manager, Blair Hoke.

Yes, Yankees baseball is truly a jewel in Pulaski’s crown, and I’m so glad we got to be part of it.

It was great this season to see so many attend the games compared to last year. And it’s a given there are some diehard fans of Pulaski’s boys of summer. But it was puzzling to me that even though there were Thursday night games during the season that had 2,400 attending, when the playoffs came to Pulaski, a quieter and considerably smaller crowd attended the last games, by more than 1,000 the final game.

Was it because it was a holiday weekend? Surely, just because the Yankees lost Friday night’s game, Pulaski fans didn’t decide to not attend and help cheer our boys on to the next level. Those kids played their hearts out all season, and to come so close to being the Cinderella team in their first year, it puzzled me as to where the support was from Pulaski?

Talking about showing support, most know if you sit close to Brenda during any sporting event, you’re gonna hear some yelling, lots of “Let’s Go!,” but also sometimes if there’s a questionable call by officials, you might hear me ask when the ref moved to the opponent’s town or graduated from the opponent’s high school. It’s just letting off steam.

Earlier this week, we had a letter to the editor with concerns about fan conduct, and it was answered in today’s Times. Maybe it’s because I was a cheerleader; maybe it’s just my nature to never, never give up. But I can’t help it. If the team is making such an effort, we, as fans, need to show them we appreciate it.

It seems to me that if we’d had the crowds that should have attended those playoff games, and if they’d shared the spirit they should for such a successful team, would anyone have even heard or noticed what one fan did or said?

As for me, I’m counting the days to the opening game for the 2016 Pulaski Yankees.



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