30 revisited

In my life, there are many things of which I am proud – whether it be the communities and organizations I get to serve, getting wonderful calls and emails about how our readers and advertisers enjoy the paper or being recognized by my peers, winning newspaper awards.

But in what I take the most pride is my family. My greatest achievements are three little bundles of joy who’ve now grown up. My career was for them, but with such a demanding career, they had to make many sacrifices their friends didn’t have to endure.

Without a doubt, working at the newspaper is a demanding job. One I’ve enjoyed for many years with every day different and never a boring moment. Today is one of those busy, busy days, but not as busy for me as it was on this date in 1985 at the age of 30, which was 30 years ago today. It was on this date that I gave birth to my youngest. She was a smiling, beautiful little blonde who, after looking at her, I had to name Kasey.

Being the baby of the family can be a good thing, as I was as a late-life child and was spoiled rotten by the attention I got. But for Kasey being the baby with a brother just 13 months older, she had to share my time with him and, yes, that career, also.

I didn’t even get to stay the standard six weeks at home with her after her birth, as I was needed at the newspaper.

So my little sweetheart had to share. But, thankfully, she was a good baby, holding her bottle at a very early age, which helped tremendously since I always had to feed her and her toddler brother at the same time. She would just smile and quietly take her bottle.

But when she became a toddler, she learned quickly to defend herself and her things, and her first word wasn’t the standard “Dadda” or “Mamma,” but, instead, “Mine,” as big brother thought her toys were also his.

A little beauty queen, she charmed the judges and had many, many trophies and crowns, winning a title once just four days after having her tonsils out.

Years have come and gone, and Kasey grew up and chose a career in banking, working with her uncle and my brother, being promoted to head teller long before most would, and the reason why are those same qualities I mentioned above – her disposition, her quiet way of achieving goals and, of course, that beautiful smile that will win over anyone.

A few years ago, Kasey met and married her soulmate, Cody. No better pick, as they compliment each other so well.

Through the years, Kasey has been a little sweetie, and as she got older, her little gifts to me she made at daycare and in school were extra special. In all the moves I’ve made, I still have her little gifts and continue to cherish them.

The most special gift she’s given me was my first granddaughter, Ella, who is the spitting image of her mother. I catch myself calling her by her mother’s name, as not only does she look like Kasey, but acts like her, too. And, of course, there’s that smile again.

So today is a busy day, but not too busy to take the time to write this column, actually the first I ever wrote just about Kasey. I wrote it so I could share with you what a joy she has been in my life and how very proud I am of her. Even though I never felt I got to spend the quality time I would have liked to spend with her, she has grown to be everything a mother could want in a daughter.

And the connection with today being the day I had to write this is to not only to wish her happy 30th birthday, but to thank her for sharing with me she is going to make me a Grand B yet again.

So she and I will share becoming a mother again, at 30.

Love you, Kasey Kay.



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