PCHS Hall of Fame nominations sought




Nominations are now being accepted for induction into Pulaski County High School Hall of Fame. The deadline for nominations is Sept. 19 and induction will take place Oct. 17.

The purpose of PCHS Hall of Fame is to recognize PCHS graduates, employees and major contributors who have distinguished themselves by their individual contributions. The contributions may be in the form of scholarships, athletics, careers, community services or society as a whole.

According to the nomination criteria, those selected for Hall of Fame membership will demonstrate the positive impact Pulaski County Schools have made on individuals in the community. They will also serve as positive role models, providing inspiration and support to current students as those students progress through their own areas of study, athletics and extracurricular activities.

There are six categories for nominations. Nominees in these categories must have demonstrated high levels of achievement, award recognition and significant contributions in their fields.

The Medicine and Science category is for graduates who are surgeons, specialists and/or general practitioners of high regard or distinction. Also included would be scientists whose findings have benefited humanity in an important area of existence or who have added substantially to the body of human knowledge. Recipients of distinguished awards in any field of scientific endeavor would be considered within the realms of this category.

Business and Professional nominees should be graduates who are respected economists, influential stock market analysts and CEOs of noted corporations or businesses. Successful businesspersons, legal professionals, etc. would also be included.

In the Arts and Entertainment category, graduates are nominated who are well-known or frequently published writers or winners of prestigious literary, acting or artistic awards. Influential critics, recognized musicians or composers, media celebrities, etc. are also in this category.

The Humanitarian and Service category is for graduates who have given consistent and significant service to the local, state, national or world communities.

The Athletics category is for graduates who are all-American, Olympians or all-star professional athletes. The category also includes renowned or successful coaches, sports specialists, sports promoters, etc.

The Lifetime Recognition category is reserved for an individual who may not have attained award status in his or her chosen field, but whose life demonstrates high moral character and dignity, or who has demonstrated courage in overcoming extraordinary obstacles in life.

Once a nomination is made, he or she will be evaluated based upon his or her achievements, citizenship, leadership and contributions to society. Nominations for posthumous awards will be accepted.

Completed nomination forms can be mailed to:

Pulaski County High School

Hall of Fame

c/o Scott Vest

5414 Cougar Trail Road

Dublin, VA 24084



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