Old building facing new life

Extended stay building Extended Stay, inside building Extended stay, original brickBy MELINDA WILLIAMS


If all goes as planned, a grocer’s warehouse building next to Pulaski Municipal Building will once again be bustling with activity.

Shelor Motor Mile closed on a purchase of the three-story building last week and hopes to turn it into an extended stay hotel, Shelor co-owner David Hagan said. The hotel would be used to house the local Minor League Baseball players during baseball season, as well as other visitors.

Hagan expects to be able to get 24 two-bed units on the two upper floors, along with conference rooms and a workout facility. The rooms would include a living area and kitchenette. Plans for the ground floor include retail and a restaurant.

The 1929 building has wooden floors, ceiling supports and beams — all of which will be preserved and left exposed where possible.

“It’s as sound as can be and has a lot of character,” Hagan said of the building, formerly owned by John Dunnivant and commonly referred to as the Dunnivant Building. “It probably needs a new roof, but it looks like it was overbuilt at the time” it was constructed.

But the make the project work, the issue of parking needs to be addressed. Hagan said Shelor wants to purchase the Virginia Wood Products Building next door (corner of Jefferson Avenue and First Street), then tear that building down to create a parking area. “We’re quite a ways away from that,” he said of trying to reach a deal on that property.

If a deal can’t be reached, Hagan said Shelor would probably hold on to the warehouse building “for later projects” and find another building or property in town where a new modular extended stay hotel could be constructed.

“We want to keep the players together,” said Hagan. For the past few years, the team has been bussed back and forth between Pulaski and Wytheville.

The extended stay isn’t the only investment Shelor plans to make in Pulaski, Hagan said. The car dealership also is looking for three to four acres on Route 99, in the area of the interstate, for a car dealership.



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