Mullins receives rare Royal Ranger medal

Jamie Mullins medal pinnin111gBy MELINDA WILLIAMS

Earning the Honor Gold Medal of Achievement medal from Royal Rangers isn’t an easy task, but 18-year-old Jamie Mullins of Pulaski County became only the eighth Ranger nationwide to do so.

During a special ceremony held at Randolph Park Wednesday evening, Michelle Mullins had the honor of pinning the rare medal on her son. Jamie’s father, Royal Rangers District Director Teddy Mullins, and his brothers, Marcus, 7, and Nathan, 15, also were by his side for the occasion.

To earn an Honor GMA, Mullins had to earn the highest medal in each age group: Ranger Kids “Gold Trail Award,” Discovery Rangers “Gold Eagle,” Adventure Rangers GMA (the equivalent of a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout), and Expedition E3 medal.

Allen Tuggle, Outpost 64 coordinator for the Appalachian District, told a crowd attending the event that he is honored to be a part of the same outpost of which Jamie is a member.

While a formal ceremony is usually held for the presentation of an Honor GMA, Tuggle said Mullins requested to have a picnic and spend more time with the other Rangers.

“That says a lot about his character,” Tuggle said of the young man. Mullins was 17 when he earned the Honor GMA.

Tuggle noted Mullins is “a service-oriented person who works hard and really reflects what it means to be a Servant Leader for Jesus Christ.”

According to Tuggle, Royal Rangers is a Bible-based scouting program aimed at developing faith-based leadership.



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