Monday is National 811 Day



Often, homeowners make risky assumptions about whether or not they should get their underground utility lines marked. But all digging, even small projects such as planting trees or shrubs, requires a call to 811 first.

Since the depth of utility lines may vary and there may be multiple lines in the area, calling 811 is a simple, and free, way to have utility lines marked so as to prevent potential problems.

To bring awareness to the need to call 811 before digging, Monday, Aug. 11, is National 811 Day. The way it works is simple.

A few days before starting a project, a homeowner calls 811. The call is free. The operator will take down the project information and notify the utility companies that may be affected.

The companies then send a locator to mark underground wires, pipes and cables so that the homeowner will know where he or she can safely dig.

Not calling 811 could result in service disruption, fines and repair costs.



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