It’s never too late to learn …

YMCA swim lesson-ChanBy ROLAND TUCKER

YMCA Intern


It’s never too late to learn how to swim — no matter what age you are. At Pulaski YMCA, there is proof.

Charlie Chan frequented the “Y” many times before deciding to sign up for adult swim lessons, knowing his ability to swim was very limited. In fact, when asked on the first day of lessons how good his swimming technique was, he quickly replied, “I sink like a rock!”

However, through hard work and determination he went from “sinking like a rock” to swimming the full length of the pool back and forth without any assistance.

“The most impressive part of the experience was his determination,” said swim instructor and longtime YMCA lifeguard Lori Cregger. “He never gave up or felt discouraged. He would give it his all and I could tell. It has been such a joy working with this man!”

Cregger worked one-on-one with Chan through 16 30-minute sessions over the last few months, diligently improving not only his swimming, but his confidence and belief in himself, as well.

“If I could give a take home message to others about my experience with Mr. Chan, it would be to believe in yourself,” Cregger added. “You are able to do just about anything you put your mind to once you lift the limitations you’ve put on yourself.”

An emotional Chan proudly accepted the completion certificate he had been in pursuit of for quite some time. YMCA Staff gave him a round of applause as Cregger also presented him with a congratulations card signed by staff and friends.

“It actually brought a tear to my eye, as it did with most of our staff,” said YMCA Executive Director Allison Hunter. “He had a goal in mind when he started with us and now, seeing him swim to the deep end and back makes me believe that anything is possible when we set our minds to it. It’s a very proud day for Mr. Chan, that’s for sure!”

The YMCA offers year-round swimming lessons for all ages.



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