Hydrant colors reveal flow rating



If you live in Dublin and you’ve noticed fire hydrants taking on new, and varying colors, it’s for more than just appearances.

Dublin Fire Marshal Robbie Cecil said the tops and caps of the hydrants are being color-coded to meet National Fire Protection Association standards. This allows firefighters to immediately know the water flow rating of the hydrant upon arrival at a fire scene.

According to Cecil, the colors represent the following codes:

•White: less than 250 gallons per minute (gpm);

•Red: 250-500 gpm;

•Orange: 500-1,000 gpm;

•Green: 1,000-1,500 gpm, and

•Blue: 1,500 or more gmp.

Since the town upgraded its water system, there is only one white-coded hydrant left in Dublin Fire Department’s territory, said Cecil. Prior to the system upgrade, he noted, there were a lot of low-flow hydrants.

Regardless of the coding, though, he said all of the hydrants meet national firefighting standards. “By coding them, it allows a firefighter to know which one is the best to hook to. We hook to the best one if we can,” he said.



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