Historic Dalton donated to Pulaski

The Dalton Building, historic picBy MELINDA WILLIAMS



The owner of The Dalton Building, Harry Leeper of Galax, donated the historic structure to the town of Pulaski Thursday.

Town Manager Shawn Utt said the donation clears the way for the town to apply for a grant through the Industrial Redevelopment Fund that would allow the building to be renovated.

The deadline to apply for the $300,000 to $600,000 grants is Nov. 1. Announcement of awards usually are made the first part of each new year.

This isn’t the first time the town applied for an Industrial Redevelopment grant for the building. “The last time we didn’t score well because we didn’t have ownership,” said Utt. Now that The Dalton belongs to the town, he expects the application to score much better.

The grants require a dollar-for-dollar match, but the town hopes to meet its end of the match through private investors, according to Utt.

The town’s Facebook page indicates the building would be used as a restaurant and “niche hotel/hostel” and that Pulaski is “working with private investors to operate and manage such businesses.”

The Dalton is on the National Historic Register. The section of the building that housed the theatre collapsed in 1982.



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