Enjoying the good life in Pulaski County

As I adapt to life in Pulaski County, I’ve made it a point to attend area events, from the fair to a Mariners game and chamber after hours to weekly events at the depot, yes, The Marketplace.

Every week there are wonderful vendors selling barbecue, freshly baked bread and goodies; produce and lavender; stained glass and beer; free-range chickens and jewelry.

What makes shopping at The Marketplace so special is the friendliness of the vendors and the wonderful music played by local artists. It seems Tuesday is the perfect time for locals to come to the depot and meet their neighbors and friends on a perfect mid-summer’s evening and just enjoy.

Each week, these Tuesday events seem to attract a great crowd, and I always enjoy myself. But as I sit and listen to the music and eat my barbecue sandwich, I wonder why the entire town isn’t attending not only this event, but the Mariners games, concerts in the park, the monthly classic movies at the Pulaski or any of the other events planned for the residents.

Having had the pleasure of living in several different parts of the country, coming to Pulaski gives me “new eyes.” “New eyes” is the ability to see a community for what it offers, not taking things for granted as many residents do in their hometown.

So many times I’ve been in a community, and wonderful events like the ones planned and happening in Pulaski are offered, but they are not attended or supported by the locals.

Let’s agree quality of life is essential to happiness in where we live. Locals just need to open their eyes and see what is offered and support their community.

Pulaski, I have got to say, you have so much for your residents to do. Residents, please make it a point to get out and not only enjoy this terrific weather we are experiencing, but the events offered in the county.

Could you pass the barbecue sauce?



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