Council sets personal property tax due date



The due date for personal property taxes has been moved back from its normal due date of April 1 to Oct. 15 of this year, following a vote by the Pulaski Town Council during Tuesday night’s work session.

According to Town Manager Shawn Utt, the decision was considered as the town staff was charged with finding a good way of work with the newly re-implemented annual vehicle decal due date, also starting this fiscal year. He wanted them to find a good way of doing that to work well with operational cash flow to benefit the citizens.

As Utt recommended, the decal charge will remain in April, while personal property taxes will be due on Oct. 15. He added that this will also keep the personal property tax dues in sync with Pulaski County’s annual Oct. 15 due date.

Real estate taxes are collected in December and June, and all bills are mailed out about three months in advance.

“That way, you would have a minor infusion of tax funds in October, another in December, another one in April, and another in June,” said Utt. “We would spread those payments out over four different areas.”

According to Utt, this helps town citizens with not having everything due at once, and would also help the town’s cash flow to repopulate funds on a steadier basis. For those that still have personal property taxes due from April, they wouldn’t have to pay those taxes from two fiscal years in the same calendar year with the new Oct. 15 due date.

Originally, Utt said the town staff had considered splitting the personal property taxes so they would be due on two dates, as half could be paid in April and the other half could be paid in October. They reconsidered, however.

“It would’ve been a logistical nightmare on our side because our system just isn’t set up for that,” Utt said. “It would’ve probably been really confusing to the citizens as well.”

The council made their decision with a majority vote to approve the new due date, as council member Jamie Radcliffe cast the only dissenting vote. He urged the rest of the council and other town officials to consider the timing of the new due date and how it would affect the citizens.

“I hate to burden our citizens with the holidays coming up,” Radcliffe said prior to casting his vote. “With county and town taxes due all due in October, November and December, I hate to put people in that situation.”

As the new date was approved, Utt said those dues would be printed in the next couple weeks to make time for the new due date.



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