Council considers ATV prohibition on town property



Pulaski’s Town Council discussed a potential ban on motorized vehicles on the town’s biking and walking trails at their Tuesday night meeting.

According to Town Manager Shawn Utt, recent complaints from a local town resident brought the issue to the Council’s attention, as four-wheelers and ATVs driven on the trail have caused some noticeable damage. It also brought current restrictions in the town code against motorized vehicles on those types of trails into question.

During the meeting Utt presented four main changes to the town code that would include specific prohibition of motorized vehicles on the trails. That portion of the code concerns recreational activities on certain properties in the town.

While that code pertains to current town operated properties such as Gatewood Park, it also covers areas that were once operated by the town at the time the code was written, such as Loving Field and Hogan’s Dam.

“As far as we could tell, we don’t have any specific restrictions,” Utt said. “This probably cleans up what should have been done years ago.”

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