Wilderness Road Museum finds ways to get kids involved in history




The Wilderness Road Museum in Newbern recently hosted a scavenger hunt and archeological dig for children. Boys and girls ages 6 through 12 gathered at the museum on Saturday, July 12 for a tour of the museum that included a history lesson of Wilderness Road and a chance to look at the buildings and artifacts on the historical site.

After a chance to roam the grounds and become familiar with the items, the children divided into teams and were given a list of things to find. As each team found all the items on their list, they were given prizes. Laughter filled the museum as the children went from display to display in search of the artifacts.

Concluding the adventure was an archeological dig. The children were handed small shovels, rakes and brushes and were taken to a prepared place and allowed to dig for artifacts. The children also had the chance to play in the dirt, finding artifacts and uncovering and cleaning their newfound mysteries.

The Wilderness Road Museum is sponsoring the New River Historical Society Junior Pioneer’s Club. The group is open to children ages 6-12 and meets on the third Monday of each month. For more information, call 674-4835 or email ahamblin101@hotmail.com.



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