Watch out for IRS tax demands



No one wants to receive a call from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), but if the caller is demanding immediate payment of a delinquent tax bill, Pulaski police warn citizens to be particularly cautious.

A town resident recently received a telephone call that could have become a costly mistake had he or she fallen victim to a “sophisticated phone scam targeting taxpayers throughout the country,” said Pulaski Police Department Capt. Anthony Meredith. By contacting the police department about the call rather than caving in to the caller’s demands the intended victim “didn’t suffer any financial loss,” he said.

According to a warning on the IRS website, a phone scam has been circulating nationwide for months and has cost thousands of victims, particularly recent immigrants, more than $1 million to date. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has called it “the largest scam of its kind,” noting that more than 20,000 contacts have been reported.

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