Valley Harvest Ministries sparks fundraising effort



Recently, Valley Harvest Ministries used a new approach to bring the gospel to the people of Pulaski County: fireworks. They have brought their church outside of their walls to the fireworks booth in the parking lot of the Dublin Walmart for two reasons. First, they church wanted to minister to local people about Jesus. There were musicians and singers offering praises as well as church members giving testimonies to what God has done in their lives. The youth did dramas and the pastor, Steve Willis ministered through the Word of God.

The other reason Valley Harvest Ministries was at the fireworks booth was to raise money for their Thailand missions project. Valley Harvest is working with International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPCH) missionaries Jeff and Verna Willhoite. The Willhoite’s are coordinating a project to build a missions training center for national pastors and leaders from Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and Laos.

Church member Brittany Hall was excited to be a part of the endeavor. “The nice part about the TNT booth was that it was a two-fold outreach,” Hall said. “Not only were we able to raise funds for the training center, but we were able to share the gospel and our missions outreach with those that looked at or purchased fireworks and were interested more about what we were doing. We were able to take our outreach outside of our four walls and share the message the message with people who may never have heard it otherwise. Even the location of the booth worked in our favor because if individuals were interested in visiting our church, we could point straight across the parking lot to the hill and say, ‘There we are! Come visit sometime!’”



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