Train runs off rails in Wytheville


A train derailed late Monday afternoon in Wytheville.

Officials from several emergency agencies responded to the crash, which occurred at the railroad line’s intersection with Grayson Turnpike, Wythe County spokesperson Jeremy Farley said in a news release.

The train was carrying automobiles in 33 cars, nine of which were derailed, according to an engineer with Norfolk Southern. Officials with the Department of Emergency management said a hazardous material specialist was called to the scene, although no threat of exposure to the public was determined.

No injuries have been reported by local emergency officials.  Information on any possible cause for the derailment has not been determined either.

Local officials are advising the public to avoid traveling through the area, Wytheville Police Chief Rick Arnold said in the release.

The Southwest Times will provide more information about the update as it becomes available.



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