School Board confirms staff changes



Public comments opened the evening at Tuesday’s Pulaski County Public School Board meeting and Sherry Williams, a Pulaski County parent, was first to the microphone. She read a letter giving voice to her concerns over the Standards of Learning (SOL) testing and required summer school remediation for students that fail to receive passing grades on the tests.

Currently, students must earn a score of 400 on each SOL to pass. Any score below that is considered failing and remediation is required. Currently, remediation is received through the summer school program. Williams further explained that remediation requirements are only 20 hours per subject, yet Pulaski County students are attending 30 hours of summer school per subject. Summer school consists of two subjects: English and Math. Therefore, each student in summer school for SOL remediation is receiving up to 60 hours of instruction, which is above the required amount. The school board members agreed to review Williams’ information and look into the matter.

Also on the agenda was an action item to approve the motion to continue the Memorandum of Understanding between the Pulaski County School Board garage services and the Radford City Schools to help maintain Radford City’s school buses. Radford City currently has a fleet of eight buses. Pulaski County Public School’s garage services helps maintain these buses at the expense of Radford City Schools. This will generate approximately $10,000 in revenue for Pulaski County Schools. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote. Also approved was a $.75 pay raise in the school nutrition substitute pay scale.

Changes in faculty were also addressed during the meeting. Gina Miano has resigned from her position as coach for the Lady Cougar Softball Team and Patricia Betteken will be the new Assistant Principal for Riverlawn Elementary School.



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