Pulaski to address vulture issues

vultures 2By CALVIN PYNN



As with previous years, a vulture infestation in the Town of Pulaski has become a problem once again, and was therefore a topic of discussion at Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting.

“In the words of the cute little blonde girl in ‘Poltergeist,’ they’re back,” Town manager Shawn Utt said as he began to address the council regarding the problem with the town’s feathered visitors.

The vultures have mostly been sited at the town’s Nanochemotic’s side, and are starting to spill into the Kersey Bottom area as well, according to Utt.

After some deliberation, the council voted to mimic last year’s response to the problem, and take the measures necessary to relocate the vultures to a less populated area. The town has consulted the USDA to take care of the problem in the past, spending a total of $4,226.78 to date for their services.

According to Utt, the town had spent around $7,200 in previous years to evict the vultures.

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