Patriotism: ‘action’ not ‘emotion’

21 gun saluteBy MELINDA WILLIAMS

“True patriotism is not just an emotional feeling. True patriotism is action,” Marine veteran Mike Honaker of Pulaski County said Friday during an annual Independence Day remembrance ceremony held on the lawn of the historic courthouse.

Speaking on patriotism, Honaker was pointing out how much the word’s definition has changed in 176 years’ time — from one of having a passion to serve and protect one’s country and being the “characteristic of a good citizen” to being the emotional love for and devotion to one’s country.

He suggested the current definition is too simple and doesn’t serve to describe what a true patriot should be. On a daily basis, he noted, “each one of us, as citizens, has the opportunity to perform some action that not only makes us a good patriot, but also makes us a good citizen.”

Honaker served as the main speaker during Pulaski County’s Remembrance of Veterans and Members of Armed Forces ceremony held each year as part of county-wide Independence Day events.

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