Multistate yard sale brings new life into communities

Multistate yard saleBy CALVIN PYNN


WYTHEVILLE – According to the organizers of the inaugural US-21 yard sale, the multistate, 70-mile long event was a great success.

“The US-21 Road Market Sale,” required months of planning, according to tourism leaders throughout western North Carolina and Virginia. The event also required months of planning and involved the cooperation of dozens of local leaders from at least eight different localities.

“The yard sale was a huge success,” said D.W. Miles, founder of Take a Break from the Interstate, the yard sale’s flagship organization. “Putting the event on didn’t cost any money, but took a lot of work from a lot of different people.”

At least 64 different households participated in the road market sale in Wythe County alone, according to the county’s tourism leaders.

“Not only did this weekend’s yard sale allow the county an opportunity to market itself to out-of-state travelers, but it also provided residents along Grayson Turnpike with a sense of community,” said Jeremy Farley, Wythe County’s interim tourism director.

Miles also said the road market event showcased historic US-21, a road that was at one time the premier route for travelers from northern states en route to the beach.

“The traffic was a non-stop, continuous flow from Wytheville to Jonesville,” said Miles.

“We want to make US-21 a destination,” he added. “There are just so many beautiful sights and it belongs to the people, all the state parks and national forest land along the way. It’s just a special road.”

Miles said his organization plans to promote the over 70-mile yard sale on the last weekend of July, every year.



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