Early sign-up for YMCA tournament saves cash



Teams can save some cash by registering for Hensel Eckman YMCA’s first 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament by the end of the business day July 25.

Teams that sign up by the early registration deadline will pay a fee of $75 per team or $65 for teams that consist entirely of YMCA members. After July 25, registration fees increase to $125 per team or $115 per team of “Y” members.

Registrations will no longer be accepted on the day the Aug. 1-3 tournament begins.

The tourney is divided into three leagues: Intermediate, ages 12-15; Adult, ages 16-49, and Senior, ages 50 and older. Seniors can play in the adult league if they choose.

Teams must have no more than four members and can be made up of all men, all women or a mix of both genders. Twenty to 60 teams can participate in each division and everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

For more information, contact the YMCA at 980-3671



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