Bits from Brenda

Good morning, Pulaski County.

About two weeks ago today, I pulled into the driveway of my new residence in Pulaski after a long, 16-hour drive from Oklahoma that took two days. I’m surely glad nobody saw me or knew me when I pulled in. My car was so loaded with the things I needed immediately, I’m sure it looked like the Oklahoma version of the Clampetts arriving.

During that long drive, I thought to myself how I could really identify with the most recent war reporters when they were embedded in a tank. I literally was surrounded by all my stuff, with not an inch to spare.

So, during my first week on the job at The Southwest Times I got an opportunity to get to know the staff and figured out which way was which in town. (Boy, GPS really helped!) I can truly tell you the staff was so warm and friendly. They really know how to make an Okie feel right at home.

This past week I’ve begun the process of meeting business owners and community leaders, either by meeting them at their offices or at events like the Chamber After Hours, the farmers market or the Blues Brothers tribute concert.

It is so good to feel that southern hospitality. I already feel very much at home.

I guess I’m really beginning to look and act like a Pulaskian, as during the weekend I had to purchase a new mower and was surprised when, after such a short time, I was identified as a local. As the gentleman was loading the mower into the back of the car, he asked if I had someone to unload it when I got home. I explained that on Saturday, I didn’t. He immediately replied, “That’s what I like about you mountain women, you just do it.”

I was flattered that he thought I was a local, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him that’s what this Oklahoma girl has done all her life. Just do it!

Speaking of just doing it, my staff has been accomplishing that quite well, even before the loss of my predecessor, Susan Carter. Although they still miss her, as I’m sure a lot of you who worked with her do, they are doing just what I think Susan or any other good newspaper woman would want us to – just do it.

So the Times staff will not only do it, but will be working on some new projects I’ve brought with me. I want to warn you that you should make sure your subscription is paid up so you won’t miss our new projects. And who knows, maybe even some of you will get to participate.

Thank you again for your warm welcome. This transplanted Okie looks forward to living and working with you and for you!



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