4-H club keeping fit … ‘with friends’



For many, exercise can become monotonous; but add in some friends and the fun begins.

Pulaski County 4-H is working to keep members healthy through a new 4-H Fitness Club that bears the motto, “Fitness with Friends.” The club got its first “work out” Thursday with an hour-long game of “battle ball” held at Central Gym in Pulaski.

“Our goal is to do (some form of physical activity) every week,” said Chris Lichty, 4-H extension agent with Pulaski County’s Virginia Cooperative Extension program. “We’ll have an hour of some kind of physical activity that will keep (members) moving.”

In addition to battle ball, Lichty said other activities mentioned for future meetings include basketball, hiking and zumba.

Battle ball is similar to the game of dodge ball and official dodge ball rules were followed, said Lichty. He noted one modification was added to “keep everyone playing.”

The goal of dodge ball players is to hit an opponent below the shoulders with a gator-skin ball, eliminating that player from the game. If an opponent catches a ball, however, the player who threw the ball is eliminated.

The modification added to Thursday’s battle ball game was to place a two-liter bottle on the three-point scoring line. If the bottle was knocked over, all of the eliminated team members of the person knocking the bottle over were allowed to return to play.

Placing the bottle on the three-point line “was close enough to allow it to be hit, but not close enough that it could be hit every time,” Lichty said.

The fitness club meets once a week on Thursdays. Meetings are planned for 4-5 p.m.; however, he said that could change some weeks dependent upon when Central Gym is available.

“We’ll have one hour of some kind of physical activity to keep everyone moving,” Lichty added.

Those interested in 4-H and/or the fitness club, should call the Cooperative Extension office at 980-7761 “to add your name to the fun.”



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