Pulaski Health & Rehab to hold ‘First Prom’

By J.R. SCHRADER, editor emeritus

Folks are invited to the first “First Prom” at Pulaski Health & Rehab Center on Route 11 in Pulaski.

Needed are volunteers to help make this a very memorable day for residents of the Center and their families.

Anyone who would like to volunteer can call activities director Angela Loy, at 980-3111 ext, 139, or visit her at 2401 Lee Highway, Pulaski.

Loy asked if anyone would like to make donations of dresses, dress shirts, ties, pants or blazers to please let her know.

All donations, whether it’s your time or items, are greatly appreciated.

Take a moment to look around your closets and see if you have any of the items listed above, not needed or used any longer, and are willing to donate them to a worthy cause to give some senior citizens a bit of joy once more.

If so, call Loy as soon as possible. The First Prom will be Thursday, June 19, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Do you remember your first prom?



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