Piano students presented in recitals

Piano students of Linda B. Hawks were presented with three recitals on Sunday, May 25 at Trinity Lutheran Church. Participants in the 2 p.m. recital were: Brooke Quesenberry, Emily King, Sara Kate Saufley, Ella Hyduke, Corrie Saufley, Amarah Hyduke, Alyson Quesenberry, Morgan Wallcraft and Kelley Saufley.

The 4 p.m. participants were: Sydney Covey, Riley Alley, Anna Linkous, Missy Kimbler, Aidan Doyle, Ruth Downey, Scarlett Armes and Rebekah Downey. Joseph Stacy, Kelsey Arnold, Elise Kirtner, Addison Dean, Emily Southern, Elissa Fink, Kierra Martin and Makenzie Hunt performned at the 6 p.m. recital.

Eleven students were honored as participants in the 2014 Pulaski Hymn Playing contest. Madeleine, Allyson Meek, Alyssa, Makenzie and Joseph were recognized as class winners, and Kelley received the silver bowl in honor of being selected as the top winner for 2014.

Sydney, Rebekah, Alyssa, Amarah, Ella, Madeleine, Ashlyn Kirtner, Kierra, Emily Southern and Kathleen were presented pins for their participation in the National Guild of Piano Teacher’s Student Auditions held on May 30 at Virginia Tech. All earned superior ratings.

Students and parents were honored with receptions following each recital. Morgan Saufley and Elissa Fink, graduating seniors, were given special recognition for their many accomplishments during their years of piano study.



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