Man cleared of attack on daughter-in-law




Ernest Compton was acquitted Monday of the malicious wounding and strangulation of his daughter-in-law last July.

Compton, a 63-year-old former teacher at Pulaski County High School and New River Community College, was accused of attacking and trying to choke his estranged daughter-in-law, Reba Compton, July 22. The incident occurred shortly after Reba and the defendant’s son, Brett, separated.

According to Compton’s testimony, he was working in his tool shop when Reba arrived upset over the recent separation. He claimed that the woman went into a rage, shouting obscenities and demanding the location of her wedding ring.

He said Reba attacked him, throwing tools and chipping one of his front teeth.

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31 Responses to Man cleared of attack on daughter-in-law

  1. PC Alumnist

    June 14, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    Well none of this should have happened in the first place. Buncy Compton is one of the best guys that you ever want to meet. He is crazy (as in funny crazy) however, would never do something to the extreme like this.

    I also believe that son Brett never should have been charged for so called attacking the investigator in the first place. I hear that she has a negative reputation towards her, especially when it comes to making accusations.

    Both Buncy and Brett should dust this matter off of their shoulders, and continue with life. Buncy should do his thing back at PCHS & NRCC, as Brett resuming back to normal with his son.

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