Lt. Gov. Northam visits Dublin Volvo plant



Last Thursday, on a public tour that took Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam all over Southwest Virginia, he and his staff paid a visit to the North American Volvo Plant in Dublin.

The stop was part of a tour that, according to Northam, was scheduled around a theme of progress and economic development in the state. Before hitting the Volvo plant, Northam and his staff stopped in Abingdon at noon, where the lieutenant governor gave a speech on collaboration and encouraging the people from Southwest Virginia to share their ideas about moving forward.

“Our priority right now is to bring businesses and manufacturers here so we can move Virginia forward,” said Northam.

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4 Responses to Lt. Gov. Northam visits Dublin Volvo plant

  1. Whole E. Cow

    June 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    If we could stop the E.P.A. and the hardcore leftwing anti business agenda, this would be of great help for bringing the jobs lost from the North American Free Trade Act back to Southwest Virginia. But I don’t see this happening in the near future. This area was repressed to start with, and it does not look good now. There are plenty of part-time or low wage jobs, that just does not pay peoples bills. The only half descent jobs around here are Volvo, powder plant, RU, VT. This area needs 50-75k a year jobs, and lots of them. I understand this is Southwest Va. but look at the road system and natural resources we have, and no one seems to know what to do with them. Which brings us back to the E.P.A. No coal burning power plants. Go to any of the up and coming country’s and say that, been nice knowing you. Get you heads out of the sand and let’s get to work rebuilding America to the superpower it should be, again. We can do it safely and kind to the environment, but stifling us with over regulation is not working, in my opine.

    • Va Girl

      June 3, 2014 at 2:23 pm

      You are correct, but with the liberal agenda of the elected in control that will never happen. Their entire focus is their personal interests, not the interest of America or Americans.

      • Casper

        June 4, 2014 at 10:36 am

        Liberal Agenda? Like tax cuts for the wealthy? The vote against bills for to help Veterans? Clean air and water is a liberal agenda?

        Then give me a liberal agenda any day compared to Tea Party/GOP voting.

        “GOP Lawmakers Say Yes To $310 Billion For Business, But $12 Million For At-Risk Kids? Nope”

        “GOP blocks veterans bill”
        “Senate Republicans block minimum wage increase bill”
        “Senate Republicans Block Another Jobs Bill, Face Backlash From American Public”

        All you have to do is type GOP blocks…votes against…stops…says NO…. And you have the CONservative agenda.

        The agenda of greed.

    • Casper

      June 4, 2014 at 10:27 am

      People speak of clean air and water as if it were a liberal agenda and lament for yesterday’s jobs. Textile and furniture jobs that paid next to slave wages.

      The Southwest part of Virginia has always been treated like a third world country when it came to jobs. It’s not going to change. This area has been looked upon as a bunch of hillbillies, who throw stones at those who try to help them.

      Have you talked with people from the powder plant who have serious health issues?

      Have you wonder about the above average rate of cancer for this area in ratio to other non industrialized cities?

      I remember reddish purple dunes like mounds of ash (from an Acid Plant) where children played located at where now is a shopping center in Pulaski.

      Then there was the paint mine, on LEAD MINE road.

      The brown lung from people that worked at the Furniture plants.

      The low paying jobs have always come here as the last site before they leave the country.

      As for clean air and water? Look at Charleston West Virginia and Danville with their dirty water. You worry about your jobs but don’t worry about the future of your children and grand children.

      People yell liberal agenda while the Tea Party and GOP shoots down bills that will help create jobs and then blames it on a liberal agenda.

      Liberal isn’t a dirty word. CONservative are the ones giving tax breaks to the über wealthy while denying folks that need assistance.

      The reason the local GOOD jobs pay well is because of their unions. Something the Tea Party/GOP wants to destroy.

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