Cougar Soccer Camp teaches fundamentals

10505615_914018901957822_8047299475168441615_nBy DAVID GRAVELY, SWT Sports Editor

“The only way you’re going to become a better soccer player is to not only play more soccer, but to play it the right way.”

Those were some of the statements made by Cougar soccer Head Coach Ricky Wright this past week as his team hosted the Cougar Soccer Camp at Randolph ParkThe camp, which is one of many steps being taken to get more involvement in soccer for the recreation league teams that feed the high school, spent three days working on basic fundamentals and drills to make the young players into better players.

“We worked with the kids on dribbling, passing, and shooting,” said Coach Wright. We emphasized the technical work needed to be successful in these skills as well. We found some future Cougars this week.”

The camp was under the overall control of Coach Wright and assistant coaches Chris Castle, Chandler Raynes, and Matt Dremel. The Cougar varsity and junior varsity players also got involved, supervising drills and showing the younger players how they do things at the high school level. Players Kyle Akers, Keaton Alderman, Marquis Cox, Isaiah Patterson, Bren Stamper, Tyler Stump, Nick Welch, Cole Turman, Luke Hopkins, Kevin Smith, Stefan Holston, Garrett Rich, Logan Meyer, Zach Dalton, Luke Harmon, Hunter Quesenberry, Jake Winesett, Ryan Castle, and Preson Eller were joined by Cougar soccer alumni Cody Wright, Daniel Turpin, Cody Linkous, and Logan Willard.

Each day, the coaches selected a camper of the day from each age group. This award was presented to the campers who were most attentive and gave a great effort. On the first day, the U8 award went to Sarah Cox, the U10 award went to Andrew Edwards, and the U13 award went to Broc Simpson. The second day awards went to Kristen Woodyard (U8), Zander Pratt (U10), and Emileigh Pennington (U13). The awards for the third day went to Lydia Morris (U8), Alex Sealander (U10, and Carley Cox (U13).

On the final day of the camp, there were competitions held to find the best dribblers, passers, and shooters. Those awards went to Andrew Edwards (shooting), Sarah Cox (dribbling and passing), Broc Simpson (shooting and dribbling), Tori Shaver (passing), Alex Sealander (dribbling), Allyson Castle (passing), and Emileigh Pennington (shooting).

In all, there were 48 campers who participated and competed throughout the week. Those campers were Samantha Anderson, Blake Bauer, Hannah Bopp, Allyson Bopp, Dawson Bradley, William Brown, Duncan Brown, Allyson Castle, Carley Cox, Sara Cox, Chelsie Dalton, Hannah Dalton, Wenzori David, Eli Duke, Karli Edwards, Andrew Edwards, Shawn Head, Thomas Head, Kolton Hedge, Avery Hopkins, Garrett Knick, Jana Martin, Braylin Morehead, Lydia Morris, Grace Myers, Alexia Patterson, Micaela Patterson, Emileigh Pennington, Grayson Phillips, Zander Pratt, Lindsey Riddle, Cody Roop, Alex Sealander, Tori Shaver, Hailey Simpson, Broc Simpson, Wesley Smith, Persephone Stevens, Madison Tremblay, Ayden Tremblay, Austin Tremblay, Ashley Welch, Anastatia Whitaker, Shelby Whitaker, Savannah Wojcik, Kristen Woodyard, Reagan Woodyard, and Zakk Woodyard.

“It was good to see so many kids interested in soccer,” said Coach Wright. “We need the rec system to be more about competition. We want to see the kids win, but we also want to see them playing the game the right way. Hopefully we can get more involved with these young players and help them be ready for the day they put on a Cougar uniform.”



2 Responses to Cougar Soccer Camp teaches fundamentals

  1. shirlee

    June 25, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    I would like to thank all those who made this camp possible and giving of their time and skills. they did a great job. thanks, shirlee

  2. Va Girl

    June 26, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Soccer (football in the rest of the world) is a great sport. One of the most physically demanding. Hope those who can do so watch the World Cup match for the USA today at noon. Or listen in ESPN radio of you can get it. I’ll have the TV blasting while I’m working. So far the games have been awesome.

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