Coal executive to represent Democrats in 38th District



With no other Democrats filing by Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline, a coal company executive will represent the Democrats in an Aug. 19 special election to fill former Senator Phillip Puckett’s 38th District seat.

As a result, tonight’s planned mass meeting in Bluefield (Va.) is canceled.

“As a third generation coal miner and an executive with the James River Coal Co., Mike Hymes is the best candidate to protect our coal workers, coal jobs, and our way of life,” said Brian Hieatt, 38th District Democratic Chairman. “Democrats, Republicans and independents are really excited about having a true friend of coal running for this seat.”

Born in Bluefield, W.Va., Hymes spent his early years in a coal camp in Bishop before his family moved to Tazewell.

Hymes’ father and grandfather were coal miners. He worked in mines himself in McDowell County, W.Va. before becoming corporate director of human resources with James River Coal Co.

Hymes was elected to Tazewell County Board of Supervisors in 2006. He was re-elected in 2009 and 2013.

Puckett recently resigned from the Senate seat he held for 16 years, citing family reasons. His resignation resulted in passage of a state budget, but stalled Democrats’ efforts to expand Medicaid.



24 Responses to Coal executive to represent Democrats in 38th District

  1. jtm

    June 26, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Wow, you two are sensitive.

    You asked earlier in the debate to not call names and that’s exactly what you revert to Cow. Why is that?
    Am I liberal? NO I am in that electorate that is called undecided. I listen to both sides and then make a choice
    Am I a communist? NO I am a person. A person that cares about other people besides myself. If that makes me a commie, then so be it. I do NOT care for people that take advantages of any system. Political loopholes, or stealing from the government via fraud. Both are the same.
    Am I brainwashed by any politician in office? NO I have a brain and I use it. Have done pretty well in life to this point. Has caused me an issue here and there, but pretty much have done OK.
    Did I ever accuse you of bible thumping? NO I could care less if you worship ant hills. In the constitution I read it says freedom of religion. Your religion is your belief. I neither agree or disagree. You have that right and I respect that.

    I don’t care if you own an arsenal. But I don’t in my own opinion understand what any person needs with a gun that shoots 1000 rounds a minute. Those are for killing. If you need that to hunt or defend your home then you don’t need to be hunting and you are pissing way too many people off. If you want to shoot a gun like that, then join the military or go to a gun range and rent that and shoot all you want.

    Now that I have had to let you in on who I am, I am done. You made way too many assumptions and I wanted to correct them. If you don’t want anyone calling you names Cow I suggest you practice what you preach.

    • Va Girl

      June 27, 2014 at 8:45 am

      jtm, again you assume 100% incorrectly. I am not “sensitive.” The exact opposite actually. Yet in your last post you come across as rather sensitive yourself.

      One does not have to be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Undecided to be a socialist or communist leaning thinker. Think about that for a moment.

      As for “pissing people off” do you think I care what others feel about me enjoying my Constitutional rights as an American? Maybe their whining about my LEGALLY owned weapons being shot on my paid off land pisses me off. Or do my beliefs not count? Only the whiners?

  2. Whole E. Cow

    June 26, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    I base my opine on the words that you say. It’s not name calling. Just facts of your words. Yes the words I use are strong, they are meant to be.
    Most of the liberals I say them to go around in circles to avoid the truth. Just like you. I have been at this a long time, every since I got my face smacked by a extreme left winger female in the Gerald Ford campaign in 1978 in Guilford Co. N.C. for the truth about abortion. This election on Aug. 19 2014 will be a turning point for the commonwealth. If the left wins the governor shall bankrupt this state with his socialist agenda, just like every other city, county, and state that the left has had control of. I love this country, worked in DHS (Department of Homeland Security) for 4 years aka Blackwater. I hate to see it go down a snake hole in the name of socialism. I need healthcare to, but I can’t pay $1,134.00 a month with a $7,500.00 deductible. That’s with the so called affordable care act. So I will support, campaign, and vote for Mr. Ben Chafin of Russell Co. for our next State Senator.

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