Beloved reverend retires after 17 years of ministry



Reverend Vickie Houk, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church of Pulaski, will step behind her pulpit for her final time Sunday morning, June 29. After 17 years of ministry at the church, she will retire and close the door to this chapter of her life.

Houk has been an active member of the community here in Pulaski, working with the Department of Social Services, the New River Valley Economic Development Alliance and the Friends of Peak Creek. She is the first female to serve as rector at the Christ Episcopal Church in Pulaski and she has also served as the New River Valley representative for the Southwest Virginia Diocese.

Her congregation will remember her wonderful sermons, laughter and enjoyment of life. Her friend, Cary Sutherland, senior warden of the church, spoke of her refined sense of humor and her “Vickie-isms”, terms they used for her illustrations. Sutherland recalled one such story of when Houk first came to the area and was served grits for the first time. Houk used grits and as an analogy of God’s grace. Houk would say, “God’s grace is like grits; it just comes without asking.”

Houk will remain in Pulaski with her three cats and continue with her community activities. The congregation of the Christ Episcopal Church of Pulaski would like to invite the public to attend Reverend Houk’s final sermon this Sunday at 10 a.m. There will be a reception to follow from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and everyone is invited to attend.



One Response to Beloved reverend retires after 17 years of ministry

  1. Va Girl

    June 26, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I worked years ago as the church cleaning lady on Saturdays and when needed for special occasions. Vicki was always a joy to be around. I know she’ll be badly missed behind the pulpit.

    Have to wonder how many books she’s loaned out through the years will “find their way home” this coming Sunday? I finally returned one last year I’d had for about a decade. She didn’t even remember loaning it :) She told me “sometimes they find their way home, sometimes they don’t”.

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