Auditor: Dublin in ‘mighty good shape’


Given current economic conditions, Dublin “did very well” and is in “mighty, mighty good shape,” according to certified public accountant Ronnie L. Johnson.

Johnson, with Johnson Certified Public Accountants in Danville, recently conducted an audit of the town’s finances for fiscal year 2012-13 and presented audit findings to Dublin Town Council.

Johnson praised the town’s management under Town Manager Bill Parker and Treasurer Rebecca Wright and pointed out how efficiently they provide any documentation needed during the auditing process.

He said the audit resulted in only two findings, “neither of which are bad” since they are common findings in small towns with limited staff. First, staffing levels limit the ability to segregate duties and, second, the town relies on it auditor to write its financial statements.

According to Johnson, neither finding is significant given the size of the town and the significant costs that would be incurred to reverse the findings. Should a large industry move into town to boost the tax base, he said, a change might be in order.

Johnson reported that Dublin’s assets exceed its liabilities by $3.7 million. “That’s a lot for a small town,” he added.



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  1. Navajos

    June 26, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Well ain’t that something.

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