Safe Haven declares Supervised Visitation Awareness Month


Safe Haven Child Visitation Centers of the New River Valley, along with the International Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) have declared May as National Supervised Visitation Awareness Month.

According to Ellen Mitchell, Safe Haven’s executive director, the orange ribbon was adopted by SVN to raise awareness of the need and impact of supervised visitation and signify National Supervised Visitation Awareness Month. The “Orange Ribbon” campaign was initiated by the Minnesota SVN Chapter, and signifies safety for children and victims of domestic violence.

This campaign also invites the world to take notice of the thousands of children and adults accessing Supervised Visitation Centers throughout the world.

As a member of the Supervised Visitation Network, Safe Haven is one of 750 providers worldwide to provide services to those in need. Locally, Safe Haven has served over 350 families.

According to Mitchell, Safe Haven’s goal is to create a safe and stress free environment for abused and neglected children to visit with their non-custodial parent. In most cases, these children are victims of domestic violence in the home.

Studies have repeatedly shown that the incidence of violence is often greater for victims of domestic violence after separation from an abusive situation. Furthermore, these studies explain that after separation, abusers often use visitations and exchanges of children as opportunities to inflict further abuse.

According to Mitchell, Safe Haven alleviates the possibility of further trauma to the child and offers an opportunity to create positive, lasting memories with a non-custodial adult in a safe, comfortable, child-focused environment.

Safe Haven serves the entire 27th Judicial District, which includes Pulaski, Giles, Montgomery, Floyd, Bland, Wythe, Carroll and Grayson Counties. They also serve the Cities of Radford and Galax.

During May, and throughout the year, the public is invited to join Safe Haven as they celebrate the work that Safe Haven is doing for our community. For more information, call Mitchell at 540-808-0096 or e-mail



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