Dublin gets asphalt to fill potholes




Dublin town crews have been busy this week filling potholes that developed in town roads over the winter.

Town Manager Bill Parker said Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) offered the town asphalt to patch the holes. Dublin public works employees are performing the work.

VDOT also has paved a little over a mile of road surface within the town limits and has plans to pave about the same amount of roadway during 2015.

State road crews recently paved about six-tenths of a mile of Vermillion Street, which runs between Walnut and Hanks avenues. They also paved about seven-tenths of a mile of East Main Street, which was a project “carryover” from 2013.

Parker said he was surprised by the paving projects because he thought the state was “out of paving mileage.”

During 2015, plans call for the state highway department to “slurry” pave about six- to eight-tenths of a mile of the town’s roads. Parker said it will be up to Dublin Town Council to determine which roads to pave.

According to VDOT’s website, slurry sealing is accomplished by spreading a mixture of asphalt emulsion and aggregate over the roadway surface. It is used to fill cracks and improve waterproofing and friction, among other benefits.

Slurry sealing is supposed to extend the life of the road by about four to five years.



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