Dublin firefighters complete training

Dublin Fire Department volunteers have worked around their jobs, school and family commitments to accomplish many hours of training this year in addition to the standard in-house training and response to calls.

The fire department is proud of their hard work and dedication to the department and the citizens of the Town of Dublin and Pulaski County.  Firefighters have received the following training certifications:

•Kris Hayes — Firefighter I; Hazmat Operation; Mayday Firefighter Down, and ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800.

•Dustin Dalton — Firefighter I and II; Hazmat Operation; ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800; CPR; Paramedic and ACLS Training.

•Patrick Pennington — Confined Space Rescue.

•Rubin Lineberry — Confined Space Rescue.

•Daryl Anderson — Confined Space Rescue.

•Andrew Whitt — EMT-B; EVOC I, II and III, and Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction training.

•Curtis Whitt — Decision making for initial company officers.

•Ben Saunders — Firefighter I and II and Hazmat Operations.

•Cody Burnette — Firefighter I.

•Justin Teal — Responder Safety.

•Roy Wall — Mayday Firefighter Down.

Since July 2013 Dublin Fire Department has answered 225 calls for service.



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