YMCA holds ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate new renovations




The Pulaski YMCA celebrated the reopening of their indoor swimming pool last Friday night with a special reception and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The ceremony was open to the public, and saw appearances from Town of Pulaski Mayor Jeff Worrell, members of Pulaski’s Town Council, members of the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors, and other community leaders. The pool was a reopened as part of a series of renovations currently being made to the YMCA.

The pool area underwent several changes over the past few months including new drainpipes, energy efficient lights, a refurbished pool deck, and new window glass. The walls and floor were also re-painted, and the ceiling was power washed to remove old, loose paint.

In her opening speech at the beginning of the ceremony, Executive Director Allison Hunter credited the improvements to the facility to cooperation through the YMCA’s fundraiser campaign, in which many local businesses and leaders contributed both funds and resources, to help renovate the facility. Other speakers included Worrell, Board of Supervisors Chairman Joe Sheffey, and Dave Adkins, the president of the YMCA Board of Directors.

After the ribbon was cut, a couple children from the YMCA’s Child Development Program poured a jug of water into the pool, signifying its official completion.

According to Adkins, the new improvements for the YMCA will reflect well on the Pulaski community, as something that the people in the community can call their own.

“We’re rebuilding this community, regardless of any other possibilities anyone can think of,” said Adkins. “This YMCA belongs to the Pulaski community, and we’ve got a mandate to make this happen.”

At this point, renovations are still in progress, but according to Hunter’s speech, they expect to be completed very soon. The only things left to do at this point are to fix some roof leaks in the building, as well as re-sanding the floor back to its original surface.



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