Transportation museum seeks more volunteers

Ratcliffe MuseumBy CALVIN PYNN


The Raymond F. Ratcliffe Transportation Museum is looking to expand their volunteer base in an attempt to preserve Pulaski’s history in the best way possible.

Right now, the museum has about 36 volunteers on record, although not all are active. According to Ernie Wallace, who supervises the museum, about 10 to 12 people work on a regular weekly basis throughout the month.

“Right now, we’re just happy to have anybody that will volunteer even if it means that we have to call people to get them in here,” said Wallace.

The museum operates strictly on volunteers. Wallace said 36 is still not enough to keep the museum running on a full time basis, although the current number would work if the volunteers were able to lend the hours necessary.

“We could be open more, if we had the volunteers that could be regular for us, and that’s one of the major reasons why we’ve been trying to push to open more days per week,” said Wallace.

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