Tractor-trailer gets snagged under I-81 overpass

Stuck truckBy CALVIN PYNN


An 18-wheeler found itself caught under a low I-81 overpass near exit 94 on Count Pulaski Drive yesterday after attempting to travel under it.

According to the truck’s driver, who preferred not to give his name, his vehicle became caught under the overpass as he was about to attempt to change lanes, only to be stopped by a car riding the left lane while he was stuck in the right. The overpass is on an incline, making the portion of the bridge fall lower over the right lane than on the left.

He was delivering large reels of cable line for American Outdoor Transportation, with yellow “oversized load” warning banners across the front and back of the vehicle. According to the driver, he’s been driving since 2005 with no accidents on his record until yesterday.

“I wish it didn’t happen,” said the driver. “It’s just an accident, one of those things.”

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