National Agriculture Week 2014

Courtney Jones, chapter reporter


During the week of March 23-29 the Pulaski County FFA Chapter celebrated National Agriculture Week. This week was time to honor our local farmers and promote the FFA chapter throughout Pulaski County High School and within the community. Without agriculture not much would be possible, or as some may have heard, “No Farms, No Food.”

Throughout the week on the morning announcements an interesting AG fact was given each day. Did you know that one pound of wool can produce 10 miles of yarn, and today’s American farmer feeds about 155 people worldwide? During lunch on Tuesday FFA members hosted an AG trivia game. Students answered questions about agriculture and got candy if they were correct.

On Thursday Chapter officers Jennifer Jones, Khrystyna Nester, Heath Sutphin, James Davis, Caroline Sutphin, Courtney Jones, Hannah Reed and several FFA members went to Snowville Elementary School and Pulaski Elementary School. Third grade classes at these schools invited the FFA to teach the students a little bit about agriculture during this week. FFA members spoke to students about agriculture, and read them a book on different fruits and vegetables. After questions and excitement students could then plant their own tomato plant. The students were amazed that their clothing, the chairs they sat in and the food they ate were all because of farmers.

Overall National Agriculture Week was successful for the Pulaski County FFA Chapter. Students had the opportunity to learn new things about agriculture that the average person wouldn’t know. The FFA Chapter was also able to advocate into local elementary schools and throughout the high school. Thank you to all who supported and participated in these events.



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