Honeywell and NASA bring hip-hop physics tour to Pulaski



More than 1,000 students from Dublin and Pulaski Middle Schools got to experience a new lesson that brought science and math to life on stage.

The FMA Live! Forces in Motion tour stopped at Pulaski County High School on Monday, April 14 during their 10-week tour of the southeastern U.S. The show has been going for 10 years, and was started when Honeywell Hometown Solutions and NASA partnered together to inspire middle school aged kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

According to show captain John James, interest in those subjects has been declining for that age group, and the idea of FMA Live! is to simplify science to make it appealing and encourage students to pursue those careers.

“Physics is quite an intimidating subject both to learn and to teach,” said James. “This is to help the students get involved with those subjects by getting on their level, and giving them something they can relate to like music, TV, and social networks.”

FMA Live! is an interactive performance, using live demonstrations, original hip hop songs, dancing, and humor to get students interested and involved in the show. James is one of three performers in the show, although he said the cast is not limited to him and the other two on stage.

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