Goodwill no longer accepting TVs



With the switch to digital television in 2009, the value of old analogue sets nosedived and left many people wondering what to do with them.

They often were donated to Goodwill stores for sale or recycling, but as of May 1, that will no longer be an option. Goodwill will no longer accept televisions as of that date.

According to Kelly Coleman, senior director of marketing and community relations for Goodwill, the rising cost of recycling televisions is outweighing revenues generated from their sale and recycling. This impacts Goodwill’s ability to support its mission of funding community job training and employment programs.

Those with televisions they no longer want are urged to contact their municipality to find out what options are available for recycling or disposal.

Other electronics, including small appliances, computers and computer hardware, will continue to be accepted at Goodwill donation centers, as they still provide critical revenue to support Goodwill and its mission, according to Coleman.



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