General Assembly building new offices


Capital News Service
RICHMOND – The asbestos-laden, mold-infested, leaky office building of the Virginia General Assembly will be replaced by a new building set to open for the 2020 session.

The state budget includes $300 million in revenue bonds to replace the General Assembly office building along with the historic Old City Hall. This money also will be used to build a 500-space parking deck at North Ninth and East Broad streets.

During construction, the offices will move to the Pocahontas Building at the south of Capitol Square in 2016. Old City Hall restoration and the building of the new parking deck will be completed in 2018.

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One Response to General Assembly building new offices

  1. Casper639

    May 2, 2014 at 9:33 am

    And they won’t accept free money from the Federal Government to expand Medicaid?

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