Deadline to connect to Speedwell Phase-I waterline is this month



WYTHEVILLE – The Wythe County Water Department is reminding citizens and businesses along the Speedwell Phase-I waterline that the deadline for filing for service is April 21, 2014.

According to Wythe County Public Information Officer Jeremy Farley, customers who fail to apply for the waterline prior to the deadline will no longer be eligible to connect at the county’s reduced rate of $350. Instead, those residents will be charged $1,000.

The waterline, which was completed earlier this year, begins at the intersection of US-11 and Southfork Drive and extends south along Southfork Drive. From there, it goes west on Old Stage Road, southwest to Tabernacle, and then south to Crockett Road.

According to Farley, the line then runs south on Crockett Road to Scenic Road and then back to Crockett Road, before reaching US–21. Once the waterline reaches US-21, it parallels the route until linking up with existing waterline inside the community of Speedwell.

All businesses and residences within 350 feet of the waterline are required by county ordinance to complete an application. According to the county’s water department, the legal property owner must submit applications and fees.

Residents needing additional information or wishing to make application can contact the Wythe County Water Department, located inside the Wythe County Administration Building at 340 S. Sixth Street in Wytheville. The water department’s phone number is 276-223-4501.



One Response to Deadline to connect to Speedwell Phase-I waterline is this month

  1. R Newman

    April 16, 2014 at 4:29 am

    350 to connect now or 1000 later is outrageous. I thought we had a conservative local government, I guess I was sorely mistaken.

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